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Frequently Ask Questions

Here are some of the most common questions we get asked at Balsa Central.

If you are unable to find an answer here please get in touch and one of our friendly staff will assist you with any queries you have.

How do I register with

You may register during the checkout process, or can create an account before checking out by clicking on the “Login” link in the top menu bar. Signing up is easy and enables you to view your order history, keep your shipping details on file to speed up the checkout process and even repurchase past orders easily.

Is there a formula that lists the weight categories of the balsa and the weight of the typical sheet?

In our downloads page we have a Balsa Density Sheet/Calculator.  This chart shows the weight of each sheets thickness and the specific weight category it falls under. You will see that there is great difference between some of the balsa wood, ranging from a super light 60/kg cubic metre to an extreme 300/kg cubic metre. We can cater for both weights if this is what you require at

Can I order density/weight specific balsa wood?

Yes, but only on block and sheet balsa products. 

Airolite sheets (64 - 96 kg/m3 or 4 - 6 lbs/ft3):
  • Airolite sheets are machined from lightweight balsa, and are supplied within the Airolite weight range.
Competition Select sheets (64 - 256 kg/m3 or 4 - 16 lbs/ft3):
  •  Competition Selects is a hand selected process where balsa is chosen within your desired density/weight range. Each individual item in your order is then hand weighed to ensure that only the density and weight you require is selected.
*Note - supply of some sizes and densities may be based on availability.  Please contact us prior to ordering Competition Select sheets for confirmation.

To download a spreadsheet of the weights/densities offered, please see the Balsa density Calculator on our downloads page . In the spreadsheet you are able to set width and length properties, and the expected weight/density ranges will automatically display for you. 

Other Ways to order.

At we work hard to make our online purchasing experience quick, easy and convenient; and to ensure total security of your details all of your payment details are handled via PayPal – The world’s most trusted payment service.

We do recognise that some of our customers may wish to order offline and we provide a number of ways they can do that.
We accept orders by phone, email and post and accept payments from all major Credit Cards over the phone (Visa, Mastercard, AMEX) or by direct bank deposit.

How long will it take for to process and ship my order?

Depending on the size and quantity of the order, shipment is usually ready for dispatch within 3 days. We cannot dispatch the order until we have received full payment from the customer.

How much are shipping charges?

All orders within Australia are subject to the following charges.

  • Shipping for standard 915mm products is $19.50 for orders below $165, and FREE for orders over this amount *
  • Shipping for 1220mm products is $35 for orders below $165, and $15.50 for orders over this amount *
  • Local Pickup from our Factory Outlet is available for SA customers

*shipping to very remote areas of Australia will incur additional charges. We will contact you asap if this applies and you will always have the option to have your order fully refunded if you do not wish to pay the remote shipping charge.

We try our hardest to make shipping as affordable as possible, but shipping items over 1.2 meters** or to some remote areas* may incur additional charges.

Also please see our Terms and Conditions for the standard T’s & C’s that apply to all Balsa Central orders.

What should I do if my order arrives damaged?

If your order arrives faulty or the contents are incorrect, we hope to rectify the situation as quickly as possible, so we encourage that you contact our customer service number on 61 8 8276 4482.

Still have questions?

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