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About us


Balsacentral prides itself on being a simple to use, simple to buy, one-stop-shop for all balsa enthusiasts. Whether it be a hobby/home project or an industrial necessity, Balsacentral uses only premium ‘A’ Grade quality, Papua New Guinea plantation grown timber provided by Auszac EcoBalsa to ensure that you are dealing with only the best!

Balsacentral believes if we can manufacture the best balsa at cost effective prices, not only will you save, you will be able to order much more for much, much less. With a wide range of materials available, ranging from sheet to surfboard, car blocks to composites, Balsacentral has the right balsa product for you!

For more information on Auszac EcoBalsa, visit the website at


Auszac EcoBalsa wood from sustainable managed forests is one of the most important materials our planet has for use in sustainable product development and trade.

There is no need to compromise quality anymore for the sake of our earth.

Make the environmental choice. Buy the product that will add value to your organisation/application, by increasing your products quality and easing your organisations responsibility in making the world a cleaner place. We use the the following methods to reduce our eco footprint:

  • Felling waste is mulched and returned before being replanted
  • New plantations are situated on old, run down crops e.g Cocoa, previously cleared land
  • Minimal transporting from plantation to mill to port
  • Waste used to fuel our drying kilns no fossil fuels
  • Sustainable and ethically sourced methods are always adopted

We use first class balsa wood with a minimal carbon footprint!