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About Us

Balsacentral the major brand under the Auszac group, it produces all of it’s Balsa Wood products exclusively from the Auszac EcoBalsa plantations in East New Britain, Papua New Guinea. Then sent to Adelaide, South Australia for further processing and refinement, warehousing and shipping thoughout Australia and exporting around the world.

Auszac EcoBalsa sources its balsa from their own plantations in Papua New Guinea where it has been successfully grown sustainably under the name of Auszac Balsa PNG Ltd.This region supports the rapid growth rate of the balsa wood tree with its constant warm temperatures, rich soils and high rainfall without a noticeable dry season. With these perfect conditions to grow the wood, PNG plantations have been yielding the best quality balsa wood consistently each year, which is why it is in such high demand worldwide and Auszac has been the leader since 1999.

Australian owned and proud, delivering the best product and service to our customers.