Balsa Wood has long been a staple of the art department for modelling and pyrotechnic applications. Used by scale modellers worldwide, Balsa Wood is a safe and easy-to-work-with modelling material that can be worked on using anything from a scalpel and light hand tools to professional woodworking machines, enabling productions of all sizes to utilise Balsa Wood.

Balsa Wood takes all finishes well and is lightweight, strong, and environmentally friendly. We can deliver custom-size Balsa Wood through lamination or our unique Finger Joined Laminate (FJL) range for more complex requirements and unique results. Laser marking and cutting are also available upon request.

When you only get one take, trust Balsa Central to deliver the best quality balsa wood in whatever dimensions you require.

Balsa wood surfboards

Building Balsa surfboard has been around since the 1930s, and there are many ways to build your own Balsa board from solid or chambered construction, veneer over the foam and rib frame. You can use single-length pieces or reclaimed FJL options.

To see how we can help with the right product for you, email us a few details to get started. 

  • What you are using the FJL Balsa for? 
  • Dimensions (H)eight x (W)idth x (L)ength in millimetres (mm)?
  • Delivery time and address?